How to Create an Attractive Employer Brand in Real Estate


Building up a team of real estate agents is all well and good – but you need to communicate that your team is better than the rest and that your company provides the best for your team. 

Building up a strong employer brand is key in order to showcase your team or company in the competitive landscape of real estate in today’s market. 

But what is an employer brand?

Employer Brands in Real Estate

Employer brands in general lay out the image you want to highlight about your firm/company. It showcases who you are and what morals lay within the foundations of your company. People can understand who your company is and how it runs based on your employer brand.

Creating an Employer Brand

It is important on that note, to know how to create an employer brand – and focus on the different factors that play a role in creating a positive brand.

Lining an EVP

Creating an EVP (employee value proposition) which summarizes what an employee receives, their recognition, development and purpose. 

Ensure to get all of the necessary information (by interviews, focus groups, surveys, etc) and analyze the feedback and gather your insights. With the information, make sure to create the EVP statement and make your firm stand out from others.

Communicate Your Story

Utilize your firm’s platforms and communicate information there in order to communicate your EVP better. 

Your real estate business should have an SEO optimized website, social media accounts, videos and more that allow you to convey your story. 

Following Through

Your EVP is something that you must follow through upon, and in the long-run it will benefit you. 

Make sure your recruitment process is transparent and is open to all who meet the requirements, alongside your real estate agents receiving competitive salaries and offering them chances to be successful in their own right.

Improving Your Employer Brand

Creating an employer brand that you think benefits your employees is the first step, however, care should always be taken to ensure you are also improving it as time passes. It will not start out perfect, which is why work needs to be done that with time you get it there.

Ask For Feedback

An employer brand affects both candidates applying and current employees of an organization, which is why taking into account the feedback of both of these parties is important.

People often express the tale of their experiences to their friends and family or online, however, they can also do it to you if given the opportunity. Some candidates are not fit for your agency, but some had a good chance and are critical thinkers – they can give you a nod towards what might have been confusing, demotivating or even what was good about your hiring process.

The same goes for employees already present at your agency – give them an opportunity to express what they appreciate about working at the agency and what they feel can or should change. 

Highlight Benefits

A key benefit of joining a job with a good reputation and a lot of competition is the ability to grow your career of course, but people also want personal gain in terms of benefits – and good firms offer them.

Whatever benefits your agency offers, it is important to make sure you have highlighted them in your employer brand. These could be additional leaves because of substantial help with the agency, grants for childcare or help with debts. 

If it helps with growing someone’s career, mention how your agency will help them specifically, for example, through mentorship programs, etc. 

Provide Employees Flexibility 

Over the last few years, the world has seen a dramatic shift in how work can be done – and that an office is not always necessary. 

Whether it be for people you are hiring or employees already there, provide them the luxury of being able to choose hybrid work schedules in order to help motivate them. Lay out the boundaries of how many days they can choose to work from home and how many days they must come to the office, but make it desirable enough for them to consider it a massive benefit.

Employees often get a boost in their work productivity when being able to avoid the hassle of traveling to the office and being in the comfort of their own home.

Social Media Posts

People appreciate companies that take time to showcase their companies successes and their day-to-day highlights on social media. 

Not only does this spread your agency’s name across more people’s minds and eyes, it also helps to boost your employees who have been working hard. Ensure that you mention highlights such as certain employees who have worked thoroughly on a project and brought in great results.

Every win for your employees is a win for the company itself, and good work should definitely be appreciated.


An employer brand has a significant impact on you and your business, and over time it can create opportunities for your business to keep growing, if done correctly. 


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