ERP Gehu: A Deep Dive Into Graphic Era University


As the time is changing the industries and the growth of various sectors have also increased rapidly. Their fast growth became possible in less time because they adapted technology. Like every sector the education sector is also not behind anyone. Not just changing the life of students, the educational sector itself is changing with the help of technology. So today’s article will also revolve around how Graphic Era University uses the website ERP Gehu for its students. Stay with us to have complete information about this university site.

What Is ERP Gehu?

ERP Gehu is an online portal which is introduced by the Graphic Era University for its faculty and students. The website is developed to provide help to them in various ways. There are several offerings of this site for their students and faculty to manage their tasks effectively. It provides them with past years exam papers and important notes. With its effective tools it gives extra power to all users to effectively complete their work. 

Outstanding Features Of ERP Gehu

There are many features of ERP Gehu we have written some of them below:

  • Annual Academic TimeTable: On the site all the users including students and teachers can access the annual academic time table. With the help of this annual timetable teachers can set the deadlines for the assignments, prepare test papers and can do other important work on time. Students can complete the assignment before the deadlines. They can also make their own time table according to the academic calendar.
  • Report Card Access: This portal shows the report card of the students of Graphic Era University. This allows students and parents to track the record of students’ performances. It will help students to improve by analyzing their weak points.
  • Access Other College Resources: As the website is developed by the university so all the colleges which come under it have access to this site. Each college or their staff can share their resources to help students. This can help students to understand the concept with different angles and views.
  • Access To Communication Tools: Another great feature of this site is that it gives access to communication tools to its users. Students can participate in various forums and discussions with the available tools. It allows students to get experience from other students, teachers or experts which can help them.
  • Huge Library: Students can also access the library on the portal. In the library, study lovers can get a variety of topics and subjects. This can help students to get the in-detail information of particular topics.

ERP Gehu Registration Process

When any website is launched by the university then mostly it has been seen that students just get the login details. Same thing is with the site of Graphic Era University. This university completes the registration process of its students. They asked students to give them several details like email ID, name, age, gender, admission slip and mobile number. On the basis students details they complete the process of registration. Later the login details like User ID and password of students get sent on their email id.

ERP Gehu Login Process

When students receive the login details on their email id then they will be able to login on ERP Gehu. They need to use those details to login on the site. There are several steps written below which students need to follow to login on the site:

Open Any Web Browser: Students need to open any web browser for logging on this educational site.

Search The Official Website: In this step students need to search the official website launched by Dehradun university. You can visit directly from here official website –

Open  Link From SERP: After landing on the search engine result page, students need to click on the official link of the site.

Enter Login Details: Students now require to enter the details like user ID and password which they receive on their email. They need to enter details in the input boxes.

Click Login: It is a last step in which students need to click on the Login option right after completing the above steps.

Process Of Resetting ERP Gehu Password 

There are many accounts a person handles and it is not easy to remember login credentials of all accounts. So if students or any faculty fail to remember the details then they can follow below written steps to reset the password:

  • Check Detail In Email: The first step to check the login details you received from the university after the registration process. Here you will find your password. In case the email gets deleted or password has been changed then you need to follow other steps written below.
  • Open Gehu Site: Users need to open the gehu’s official site (official website) for resetting their passwords.
  • Click Forget Password: In this step users need to click on the forget password option for resetting their password. Now users will be redirected to another page for resetting password. 
  • Enter Other Login Details: Students and Faculties need to enter their user id, email id and date of birth in this step.
  • Click On Reset: Now they need to click on the reset option right after providing their details.
  • Open Received Link From Mail: Users need to open the received link from the mail. They need to follow further steps to reset their password.

Steps To Reset ERP Gehu User ID 

Incase student also forget user id of Gehu ERP then they need to follow below written steps:

  • Check Mail: Users can check their email to get the login details which will include the user ID as well. This email was received from the side of Graphic Era University after registering students. If the student has deleted the mail or changed the password then below written can solve the problem.
  • Open Official Gehu Website: Student required to open gehu official website to reset the user ID.
  • Click “Forget ID”: Students need to locate the option of “Forget ID” then they have to click on it. Users will be redirected right after clicking on that option.
  • Provide Personal Details: Users now need to provide their personal details like date of birth and mobile number.
  • Do Details Verification: Users need to cross verify the details they entered. In the end they need to click on the verifier. This is the last step after this they will be able to get their user ID.

Services Of ERP Gehu

ERP Gehu offers several services to its students. We have written of the service of this site below:

  • Fee Status: Students can check the status of their college fee payment on the site. This service saves lots of time for all the students.
  • Monitoring Attendance: Students can check their overall attendance that allows them to manage their attendance if their attendance is getting short.
  • Cloud Storage Service: This site offers a cloud service so that students can save their homeworks, assignments digitally. Faculty can also collect students’ projects and other work easily from it.
  • Study Materials: Students get access to various study materials which can be helpful for their exam preparations.


In conclusion we have talked about how technological advancements have helped in the growth of various sectors including education. Graphic Era University’s ERP Gehu portal offers students various tools to manage timetables, track progress, access resources, and communicate with faculty. This use of technology in the educational sector shows the important role of using technology.

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