Shura Khan: Bio, Age, Career, Height, Net Worth And More  


Shura Khan is a well-known Bollywood makeup artist. She is highly respected in the industry and has worked with many top stars. Known for her talent in creating stunning looks for movies, photoshoots, and events. Shura has become a favorite among celebrities. Her expertise and creativity have made her one of the most sought-after makeup artists in Bollywood. Shura Khan is celebrated as a renowned makeup artist in Mumbai. Her real name is Shura Zahid Khan. She is married to Hindi film actor and producer, Arbaaz Khan. The duo came across while shooting ‘Patna Shukla,’ a very popular movie, and their love story started there. To know all the details about Shura Khan, kindly go through the entire blog very carefully. 

Shura Khan Biography 

Shura khan is a very famous makeup artist of Bollywood. She has been working for many years and has made a name of her own in the industry. Their mother inspired her to persue her career in makeup. Bollywood producer and actor Arbaaz Khan, brother of superstar Salman Khan is husband of Shura Khan. After her marriage, she is known by several people. She was born and brought up in Maharashtra. She has done her schooling from the same city and has made a successful career in Mumbai only. 

Real Name Shura Zahid Khan 
Date of Birth 18 January,1990 
Profession Makeup Artist 
Gender Female 
Birthplace Mumbai 
Zodiac Sign Capricorn 
Nationality Indian 
Hometown Mumbai 
Religion Islam 
Marital Status Married 

Shura Khan Age, And Physical Appearance  

Shura was born on January 18th, 1990, in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Now at the time of writing this article Shura Khan Age is 34 years old as of 2024.

Shura Khan Height, Weight And Physical Appearance

Shura Khan height is define on internet different on different platforms. People also search this term on internet as shura khan height in feet. Some says Shura Khan height is 5 feet and Some Platform says 5 feet 5 inches.

Shura Khan Physical Appearance

Shura’s weight is 58 kilograms. Her piercing grey eyes which blend with her long and shiny brown hair further enhance her beauty. if we talk about her zodiac sign is it is Capricorn. She identifies herself as an Indian citizen and belongs to the Islamic religion.

Shura Khan Early Life 

Shura was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Her date of birth is 18th January, 1990. She was born in middle class Muslim family. She completed her studies in Mumbai only and then got inspired by her mother to make a career in the makeup industry. Her journey began in Mumbai, where she was kept with splashes of art sprinkled by her family at all stages. She was engaged in a society that celebrated creativity and a rich history of cinema. She was greatly influenced by her mother as a child. Her mother is an expert aromatherapist and cosmetologist. And she started teaching Shura about the beauty and skincare world. Additionally, from here Shura’s passion for makeup and beauty began, eventually helping her to enter the Bollywood industry. 

Shura Khan Family 

The father of Shura is Zahid Khan, we have no information regarding his occupation. Her mother, Mehjabeen Zahid Khan, is an expert aromatherapist and cosmetologist. Her parents had raised her in a warm and culturally rich environment. The support of her family played an important role in her life. She has a younger brother, Zain Khan, who is very close to her, and her entire family actively contributed to her success as she led a bold path to pursue her dream. We do not have much information about her brother also, due to privacy reasons. She is now married to Bollywood producer Arbaaz Khan. They tied the knot on 24th December 2023. 

Shura Khan Family

Shura Khan’s Education 

Shura started her education at Jankidevi Public School in Mumbai. We do not have much information about her further education. So, details of her next course of study remain limited. But still, it’s evident that her school years had a great impact on her growing passion for makeup and beauty. 

Shura Khan’s Professional Career 

Shura always had an interest in beauty and beauty products, which she learned from her mother. She started to build a career in the same, where she made collaborations with well-known celebrities. She started her career in 2013 when she founded Shura Leisure Pvt Ltd with the vision of becoming a beauty entrepreneur. Her popularity increased and she was held by name for her services to B-town celebrities with starring collaborations being the best example of her extraordinary skills. Since 2018, she moved further and opened a new business, The Thai Villa Spa, with Sumit Singhania and her mother. This venture was inaugurated by popular celebrity Raveena Tandon. The Spa quickly became popular among Mumbai’s elites, confirming Shura’s status as a successful businesswoman. 

She is a special one with her own way of doing makeup. Bollywood stars loved her because of her ability to highlight their natural beauty while respecting personal preferences. She has become one of the best makeup artists among many actresses and models. She has worked with popular celebrities like Raveena Tandon as well as her daughter Rasha Thadani. It was in the news that in 2019 police found a sex trafficking racket at her spa in Vile Parle. After that she focused more on her profession as a makeup artist and gained popularity with her talent.  

Shura Khan Net Worth 

In 2024, many reports claimed that she has an estimated net worth of 9 crores. This extraordinary number not only says about her achievements as an entrepreneur but also her popularity in the Bollywood entertainment industry which is very competitive. This is clearly the result of her successful profession. 

Shura Khan Social Media  

Shura’s reputation doesn’t matter to her when she doesn’t have much social media activity to escape people’s gaze. It’s a choice to stay clear from the spotlight and to enjoy her work as much as possible, divorcing her personal and public life. But she does have an Instagram handle. Her Instagram handle is @sshurakhan 

Shura Khan Social Media
Image Credit ANI NEWS


Shura Khan’s story is motivating. Her life is one of passion, determination, and constant change. She has proven to have a solid dedication to her work and the power to overcome obstacles. It is inspiring to see her progress from a curious youngster in Mumbai to a well-known figure in Bollywood. While Shura keeps evolving and inspiring with her great art in the beauty industry. She is a role model to be followed for makeup artists who would want to rise and build their names as the best. Shura is still a key player in the beauty business, able to shape the next wave of makeup artists as she innovates and inspires. 

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